One of the projects

Client: TEO

Challenge – encourage company’s employees to have a bigger concern for the environment as well as save resources and assure the sustainability of this change (by making the environment protection a value) (year 2008).

Actions – an opinion survey among company’s employees was carried out, a strategy and an annual tactics of a project “Save and change” were framed, a title, a slogan, symbols and other creative solutions were done, various consultations during project management were presented.

Results – after the first year of project’s implementation more than 85% of the employees thought of environment protection as their value, more than 70 %  developed at least several environment friendly habits, more than 50%  of employees encouraged their friends and family members to take care of the environment more. The usage of the paper in the company’s offices decreased by 20 % , as well as usage of water and fuel, and the project became continuous. The project was awarded by International Public Relations Association Golden World Award 2009 as well as by Baltic PR awards in the same year.