The decisions made by the authorities have a huge impact on business companies. Unfortunately, sometimes they tend to be made regardless to the arguments of the decision-related subjects. On the other hand, politicians and business institutions usually speak using “different vocabularies”, and their effective communication is affected by prejudices and lack of trust. We do believe that governmental decisions cannot be made unilaterally and that the dialogue is a must. So we help our clients to create relations with governmental institutions and search for the proper communication channels and forms in order to have the arguments listened to and understood. In our opinion, business must be active legally defending its interests, and relationship between the authorities and business institutions must become of a partnership nature. Nongovernmental organizations can often be a good catalyst for this dialogue and a guarantee that society’s interests won’t be forgotten as well.

While working in this area, we make strategic and tactical plans, search for various creative solutions and implement them, provide needed consultations for clients.