Sponsorship is one of the company’s CSR activities that require additional attention of communication professionals’ in order for it to be efficient. What and why a company is supporting – a common question, asked to help the company define their sponsorship guidelines and effectively use its’ sponsorship funds. How sponsorship will pay off, and what added value it can create is a question that encourages sponsors to not only become a funding authority, but an active, involved partner. Whether sponsorship will have additional communication benefits is a question that encourages developing and implementing a sponsorship activating (communication) plan.

We do agree with the opinion that supporting one initiative and allocating sufficient resources for the sponsorships‘ communication as well as being an active partner in the organization or initiative is better than supporting several smaller initiatives and expecting to get a sufficient return without putting the proper amount of work into it. This way, even the partners will be forced to look for additional creative options to activate the sponsored company‘s brand.


One of the projects

Project: Sculpture “Tree of Unity”
(sculptor Tadas Gutauskas) (year 2009).

Challenge – to find additional financial sponsors for the project.

Actions – sponsorship arguments as well as various participation possibilities for potential project sponsors have been prepared and presented. Moreover, the publicity and media relations strategy was prepared, presented and implemented. Finally, the project PR activity’s qualitative and quantitative analysis was prepared and presented to the project sponsors.

Results – several financial sponsors joined the project. Their visibility in media relations and project events was ensured. Subsequently, the sponsors were satisfied with the results, some of them even deciding to continue sponsoring the future projects of the sculptor.