One of the projects

Client: „Mažeikių nafta“ Inc.

Challenge – to announce the end of major overhaul of “Mažeikių nafta” oil factory and to ‘muddle up’ the stagnant organizational culture, seeking to promote the discussion on its shift (year 2007).

Solution – whole-day festivity in different areas of the city (the factory and Cultural house), incorporating various audiences (employees, subcontractors, partners),while combining both traditional (awards, food) and offbeat, surprising elements (such as “Olialia” girls visiting the factory and assisting during the evening part of the event, a special programme on company’s radio, other show elements).

Actions – creating the concept and the scenario of the event, and its successful implementation.

Results – a huge ‘word of mouth’ and discussions on company’s organizational culture, positive evaluation of the event, incorporation of target groups and an overall festive mood.