One of the projects

Client: confidential.

Challenge – after a company decided to increase its’ market share in a specific region, a broad range of communication and marketing environment analysis had to be conducted.

Actions – a communication analysis of the company and its’ competitors in the local media (publications, advertisements, brands‘ visibility) was carried out, as well as mini surveys of residents, analysis of local communication spaces (outdoor advertising billboards, shopping malls, etc.), the customer and competitor services sales / customer service points analysis (mystery shopping), targeted interviews with the company’s local subdivision specialists were conducted.
The information was analyzed, conclusions and recommendations for the communication (public relations, marketing and other areas) in the region were presented, ideas for customer service, service development, sponsorship, etc. were developed.

Results – the research methodology tailored to the customers‘ needs was created. It was later implemented in several other regions. Various easily implemented ideas for performance enhancement as well as creative ideas for communication and service development were presented.