One of the projects

Client: TEO

Challenge – using the video as a medium, to present screenings of a movie “An inconvenient truth” about environmental protection, which took place in largest cities and were dedicated exceptionally to Company’s employees.  The aim of the video’s was to uncover expectations of the audience, along with attitudes towards environmental protection, state of being informed about environmental problems and possibilities to collaborate while resolving them, also to publicize Company’s environmental friendly activities. These should help in increasing the awareness of the internal communication project “Save and change” which was being implemented, and also encourage undertaking environmental friendly obligations, which could be found in Company’s intranet (year 2008).

Actions – ideas, scripts for video reports were created, project implementation assured (interviewing, filming, frame selection, editing, making a video in a proper file format).

Results – five different videos were made and uploaded to the intranet; they were watched numerous of times and had an impact on increased number of employees who undertook environmental friendly obligations.